Monday, January 25, 2010

"Weekend" Reads--Cake Blogs!

I made some delicious food this weekend. And I have pictures. They will be posted as soon as I have time, I promise, but the semester started today and I suddenly realize that my half-semester online class is going to make the courseload pretty intense and I'm not going to have a lot of time for resizing pictures and writing lengthy blog posts about how awesome/weird/traumatizing my latest food experience was. I'll still cook, of course, but the posts might take some time to get up.


Weekend reads. I like this idea, and I think I'll stick to it, but I'm a day late--so this "weekend" I'll share with you the reason I'm a day late. I was so busy reading some other awesome food-related blogs that I forgot about my own.

So, for those of you who don't already read it (which is probably all of you, since I know all of you), I give you: Cake Wrecks. This is a blog that is popular enough to have a book out, and to have gone on book tours, and have followers all over the place. It is, as the title suggests, pretty much a lot of pictures of really awful cakes (the subtitle is "When Professional Cakes go Horribly Wrong"). The author is witty, geeky and makes a lot of bad puns, which I can appreciate, though I've never mastered the art myself. The cakes featured had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe at times. I somehow read through 45 pages of blog (not 45 posts, mind you, 45 pages) in a day--and that's after sleeping until noon, making pretzels, drinking tea, and the many other random things I did. On Sundays, she features pretty cakes, which would be quite nice to look at after a week of horror.

Some examples:

I like plaid a lot, but this was a wedding cake. If I got to my wedding reception and had to look at this...I'd be in tears.

There are a lot of...grammar...and spelling...and punctuation...errors. Yes, errors. In the world of cake decorating. Cake Wrecks finds them and shares them with us, so we can be miserable knowing that somehow people still don't know how to use a comma. (The most common, though, is quotation marks. It's not that hard, people.)

Some, of course, are just plain gross. Like this. Those are a dead person's feet. Note the toe tag for identification. EW. But the pretty ones...

Isn't that gorgeous? I would love to have that cake. Not entirely sure I could ever eat it, but it's adorable.

And that one has to be my favorite. It's a Mario-themed wedding cake. I like it because it actually manages to stick to the idea of 'wedding cake' while having the Mario theme--it's a pretty color with a nice little pattern, and it's got the "flower" design diagonally up the side.

On a related note, I also found this website dedicated entirely to awful wedding cakes. I haven't had time to peruse their archive yet, but after looking at a few, I feel like before I get married I'll be sitting down with the bakery discussing, in detail, EXACTLY what I want. And asking for sketches. I just can't imagine getting married with an awful cake--the food's the important part, right?

So, anyway, go read Cake Wrecks. All the photos in this post came from somewhere in her archives. I promise you'll be entertained.

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