Friday, January 8, 2010

New Blog, New Gadgets!

Hello, readers! Welcome to YUM FOOD--a blog about food! I'm new to blogging (well, new to trying to be good at blogging) and thought that since I get really excited about food and always want to tell people about it, it would be the perfect thing to put me in the world of blogging.

So, to go with the new blog, I thought I'd share with you some new gadgets that my dad and his girlfriend got for me for Christmas. (I think I realized I'm actually an adult when my dad and I started shopping for each other at the same store; I bought him kitchen-related items as well.)

The first thing I opened is hilarious and yet incredibly useful:

They don't fit my face perfectly, but they actually do keep my eyes from hurting! I don't know why, but onions have always hurt my eyes so much when I'm cooking that I make whoever else is in the house cut them for me, and now I don't need to. My boyfriend managed to sneak a terribly unflattering picture while I was wearing them last night, preparing a stir-fry:

I think I was actually chopping mushrooms at this point and had forgotten to take them off. Anyway, despite looking amazingly dorky, they are wonderful things. My brother noticed when I got them that whoever decided people needed onion goggles also realized that people who needed onion goggles were also likely to want to know why onions make your eyes burn, so there's a little scientific explanation inside the package!

The next gift I pulled out of my stocking was a little less hilarious and a lot more practical. Have you ever HATED how recipes call for a tablespoon of ginger (or some other spice) and you have to carefully pour ginger into a big round spoon that will never fit into the container? Well, hate no more! These spoon-measures are the perfect logical solution:

RECTANGLES! What a novel idea. And the ends have little points, so you can get into corners of jars and scrape out whatever's stuck there! They all stack neatly together and take up almost no space:

I absolutely love them. The smallest one is 1/8 tsp, so you can be really accurate! And look how wonderfully they fit into a perfectly normal-sized spice jar:

Once it's in the jar, spinning it around seems the best way to fill it. They helped a lot with all the pies I had to make for my mom's family's party...and with pretty much everything I've cooked since I got them. Aren't they gorgeous? (I'd also like to point out that that is a TABLESPOON measure fitting perfectly into the spice jar. TABLESPOON. Impressive.)

Now the last one is the Big Deal, and I haven't used it yet but intend to tonight:

Pasta machine! I think he realized it would be an awesome present when I had to borrow his to make ravioli for my boyfriend's parents. (The handle was missing, so I ended up having to roll it all out with a rolling pin anyway, but now I have my own!)

When I use it tonight, I'll have to find a different table. This one is too thin for it to clamp onto.

I can't decide which noodle size to make--perhaps I'll make both tonight and try to decide which one I like better for the future.

Thanks for reading, and check back later for photographic evidence of my pasta-making adventure!


  1. Awesome! The best part about the onion goggles is that they look like aviator goggles. I could pretend to be steampunk while wearing them.

  2. Off to a great start! looking forward to more posts and especially the food pictures

  3. Awesome Rachael! Love the goggles, Taka wears Julia's worn out swim goggles when chopping onions. :)