Thursday, November 4, 2010

Help me out?

Hi everyone! I'm still around, just exploding a little over the sheer amount of work I have this semester--and next semester looks like it's going to be about the same, hurrah!

I don't have a recipe for you today--instead, I have a request. See, I'm taking a Statistics class this semester, which requires that I survey people about something, and I'm trying to get responses from as varied a population as possible. This is where you come in! (And it's about food, and you're reading a food blog, so chances are you're at least interested in the subject.)

I'm doing a project to compare people's living situations with how they eat and see what correlations I can find between the two, so there are a few questions asking about what sort of place you live in, but they're almost entirely about food. And! One of the questions asks that people list their three favorite foods. I figure once I get all the responses, I can pick a few of the common ones and work on getting recipes up here for them! So if you take this survey, you might get a recipe out of it.

Anyway, click here to take my survey. At the end when it asks who sent you to the survey, click "Rachael," because that's my real name.

Thanks so much for helping me out here! (I hope this isn't, like, a completely taboo thing to do, blog-wise. I'm sorry if it is. But...please still take it.)