Thursday, June 17, 2010

attempts at organization

Hey everyone! Just a quick update today--I'm re-organizing my blogging world! Hooray! (I should be re-organizing the rest of my life, but hey, this is a start).

I now have an email address dedicated to this blog, so you can email me at I've transferred all the food-blogs I read to that Google reader instead of my old one, while leaving everything non-food related as is. I also put all my recipe site mailing lists there. It's nice to have a place JUST for this!

In addition, I'm re-doing the labels on my blog. If you're visiting as I'm re-doing them, you might notice that a lot of my posts don't currently have labels--I deleted them all, went through and decided what labels I should have, am putting those labels on this post so I can go back to all the other posts and click the ones I want, then deleting them from might take a little while, but hopefully it'll be a little easier for you to find the recipes/posts you're looking for afterward.

And on a side note, I won a contest over at another blog, Haute Whimsy! Jen, who writes Haute Whimsy, just started a new thing where every Wednesday she posts an ingredient and people submit recipes using that ingredient, and the winner is featured on her blog, so go check her out--I'm featured on a blog with almost 900 readers! WOOHOO! (I think I'm the only one who entered, but I'm still excited.) The ingredient this week was banana, and it had to be a dessert, so my Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies that I made way back in January won.

I'll be back with a real post (i.e. one with a recipe) tomorrow, but until then, enjoy this picture--don't these eggs look so happy to be made into whole wheat pasta? I couldn't help but smile when I noticed it!

UPDATE: Okay, my labels are all reworked. You can now click on an ingredient and it'll show you what I used it in--I didn't include every ingredient, just main ones, because that would take forever and there's a character limit for labels. I also now have VEGETARIAN and GLUTEN FREE labels, so if you need a vegetarian or gluten free recipe, you can click the link for them and it'll list all the ones I've posted! I strongly considered adding those labels to things that are easily adaptable (it would, for example, be very easy to leave the meat out of Mike's Pasta Sauce for a vegetarian version, and leaving out the meatballs [or using gluten-free meatballs] would make it gluten free), but I didn't, simply because I feel like if a vegetarian is going through here and sees a bunch of meatballs they'll be annoyed. HOWEVER, I'd be happy to change this, adding the label and possibly a "how to make this vegetarian/gluten free" line at the end of the post, if anyone feels strongly about it. Let me know!


  1. Well done darling...I am so happy for you!!! I cant wait to see it..I am going there now:)
    Muah and Happy Thursday

  2. Congratulations Rachael! That is so cool that you won.